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What Are the World’s Top Online Slots Games?

Slots games are arguably the most exciting casino games of them all. For starters, there are slots games for casual players, high rollers, thrill seekers, and action fans, to name but a few. Online slots are incredibly popular with players, and they are more interactive and engaging than ever before. When you play slots games, you enter a world of unbridled opportunity; jingling-jangling sounds and HD visuals mimic the best of Las Vegas-style casinos right before your eyes. Online slot machines are expertly designed to reel you in from the very first spin, and they have a magnetic appeal.

Each player has a preference for slots games. Fortunately, the world’s top software providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’N Go, NYX and LuckyStreak have done their homework. Players get to enjoy a smorgasbord of the hottest slots games under the sun, including magical slots like Fairytale Legends: Hansel & Gretel™, The Heat Is On, and Scruffy Duck™. These interactive video slots captivate the attention of players by providing multiple immersive elements such as wild and scatter symbols, bonus rounds, free spins, alluring content and big-money paydays. The world’s most popular slots games routinely include progressive jackpot titles such as Treasure Nile, Major Millions, Mega Moolah, and Wow Pot! These games and many more like them are part of a large global network of players where a percentage of each wager goes towards the progressive jackpot prize pool.

Spinit operates at the forefront of the online slots universe, and offers players an award-winning range of the best slots games. Newly released titles such as Aztec Warrior Princess, Forbidden Zone, Candy Dreams, La Rouge and Viking Runecraft routinely top the charts at online casinos. Players enjoy the added benefit of ‘Free Slots mode and ‘Real Money’ mode with these slots games, although progressive jackpot slots are only available in a real money mode.

What Strategies Can Players Use to Beat Slots Games?

Everyone wants to know what tactics and strategies can be employed to gain an advantage over online slot machines. Firstly, it’s important to understand the mechanics of slots games. Slots are chance-based games that cannot be manipulated by players or the casino. In other words, all outcomes of slots games are governed by algorithms known as random number generators. These RNGs lock-in the payout percentages of slots games.

Typical slots payouts at online casinos are far better than the payouts at land-based casinos. This is your point of departure as a slots player: Always choose online slots games over land-based slots games. The reasoning behind this decision is clear: traditional casinos have high overhead costs such as facilities, machines, employees, maintenance, and general operations.

Since slots games are governed by chance, the most effective strategies that players can employ are decided in advance. In other words, your choice of slots game will determine the likely returns you generate. At Spinit, you can find the RTP (return to player) percentage by clicking on your game of choice, and scrolling through the game rules. Slots are negative expectation games, meaning that in the long-term the house always wins.

They are designed with a payback percentage of less than 100%. For example, Scruffy Duck™ online slot machine has a theoretical return to player of 96.38%. This means that if you wager ₹100, you can expect to win back ₹96.38 over the long-term. However, it should be remembered that most players only consider playing slots over the short-term, and that’s when anything can happen.

There are many effective techniques that online slots players can employ during their gaming sessions, including the following:

  • If you play slots regularly you will know that progressive jackpot slots games offer the highest possible payout when maximum coins are wagered. That’s why you should always play maximum coins. That way, if the right symbols lineup, or the luck of the spin goes your way, you will always receive the maximum progressive jackpot.
  • Remember that progressive jackpot slots games feature the highest number of slots players. Therefore, if you are looking to win with progressive jackpot slots you should always remember that you’re competing with a large pool of players. This decreases your odds of winning on a progressive jackpot slots game considerably.
  • A better option than progressive jackpot slots in terms of RTPs are fixed maximum payouts slots. These games may only be available in-house at a specific land-based casino, or an online casino. While the jackpots may be lower, there is less competition and your odds of winning are improved. It is generally considered to be true that the smaller the slots jackpot, the better the player’s chances of winning. Consider that significant time must be expended for progressive jackpot games to build up as big as they do, meaning that fewer players hit these payouts than the smaller jackpot prize pools.
  • When deciding between video slots and classic slots, the higher-paying slots games are the classic slots games. These typically feature 3 spinning reels and fruity-themed symbols, or bells, whistles, bars, and the like. Classic slots have fewer combinations, smaller jackpots, and higher winning possibilities for players.
  • Avoid bringing credit cards and checkbooks to land-based casinos. You only get yourself into financial trouble by giving yourself an unlimited budget. A better option is to bring cash with you, or a prepaid Visa card or prepaid MasterCard. This ensures that you never exceed your gambling budget.

Do Your Homework on Slots Games

As a rule, you will never go wrong by researching the RTPs of the online slots machines games that you choose to play. Machines with the smallest jackpots are preferable since the odds of hitting these jackpots are much higher. It’s also important to understand things like payline selection, bet placement, game rules, and effective bankroll management. Typically, a slot machine payout percentage can range from 80% on the low end to 98% on the high-end. The higher the number, the better it is for the player.

Players are advised to set a budget with every slots gaming session. Your budget determines how much you are prepared to lose, and what it will take for you to walk away a winner. Players should always stick to their budgets, and avoid chasing losses on slots games. The best way to allocate a budget with slots games is to divide the total number of days you plan to play at the casino by your available budget. If you have ₹1,800 available for three days gambling at the casino, you can allocate ₹600 per day to your slots budget. If you play for 3 hours per day, that is ₹200 per session. If you generate any winnings off your sessions, you should pocket the winnings.

How Can You Increase Your Playing Time with Slots?

One of the first things you will notice as a slots player is how quickly you can burn through your bankroll. Once you have made a deposit at your preferred online slots game, you can spin through your bankroll in next to no time at all. Fortunately, there are many ways to extend your playing time, including the following:

  • Try the penny slots games if you’re interested in increasing the duration of your slots gaming sessions. Penny slots do not pay out much, but you will certainly get to enjoy the slots experience. Many players consider these the best slots games.
  • Always take advantage of the welcome bonus package offered by online casinos. This bonus package allows you to enjoy slots games for longer, at no extra cost to yourself. Once you have met the wagering requirements (40 x wagering), you are free to withdraw your winnings.
  • Always seek out slot machine games with special features like loyalty bonuses, free spins, bonus games, bonus rounds, and the like. These games will extend your playing time, and provide terrific entertainment value in the process.
  • If you’re looking to extend your playing time, turn off autoplay functionality, and click the spin button yourself. That way you will be able to slow down the rate of play so that you are comfortable with the pace.

Amazing Slots Facts

  • The Liberty Bell was the first slot machine ever created. The man credited with this incredible invention is Charles Fey from San Francisco, back in 1895.
  • It is virtually impossible to know the precise payout percentage of every single land-based slot game. The reason for this is that the random number generator (RNG) is located inside the slot machine game. It cannot be examined, but at online casinos the RTP is routinely posted on site.
  • Contrary to popular belief, there are no cold slots or hot slots. Slots games are governed by chance – the RNGs that determine which symbols lineup on paylines. Each spin of the slot machine’s reels is 100% independent of the prior spin. This is identical to Roulette.
  • Most of the revenues derived by land-based casinos and online casinos comes from slots games. As much is 80% – 85% of the house take is derived from slots. This is remarkable given that slots games were initially introduced into casinos as a distraction for the women and elderly, while the men were playing casino games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, or Craps.
  • The majority of popular slots games are fashioned off the intellectual property of others such as Hollywood movies, popular game shows, famous personalities and the like. These are considered far more engaging for players and they generate significantly more time on device (TOD).
  • Slots games are immensely popular in the United States, but they are far more popular in Japan. It is estimated that there are some 5 million slots games in Japan, which equates to 1 machine for every 27 people. In the US, there is 1 machine for every 350 people.
  • Modern-day slot machine games are vastly different from their predecessors. For one thing, video slots do not rely on mechanical components such as levers, spinning reels and coin slots – they are completely governed by digital images, computers and RNGs.
  • In the United States, slot machine games are now legal in 80% of states. Even in states where slots are not legal like Texas, these games are abundantly available, with payouts in the form of tools, vegetables, and the like.
  • There are 3 types of progressive jackpot slots games: local area progressive jackpots, wide area progressive jackpots, and standalone progressive jackpots.

What Slots Myths Are Out There?

Slots games are steeped in myth and legend. Over the years, there have been outrageous statements made about slots games, and this misinformation still abounds. For example, there is no difference between pushing the spin button on a slot machine game, or pulling the lever – they both generate the same result. You may certainly lose less per hour by pulling the lever than you do by pushing the spin button, but this has nothing to do with the payback percentage of either option. It simply requires more time and effort to pull a lever than it does to push a spin button.

Many players mistakenly believe that you cannot improve your chances of winning with slots games – online or at a land-based casino. But this is simply not true. For starters, you can choose precisely which slot game you wish to play before you push the spin button. And on the topic of wagering, you may hear that it’s good to rub the coins, or the dollar bills before you insert them in the machine. No amount of static electricity or heat variation will alter the outcome.

Everything with slots games is governed by chance, courtesy of random number generators. Another fallacy about slots is that a machine that hasn’t paid out in quite some time is due for a payout and you should expend all your energy at that machine. Since the outcome of every slot game is governed by chance, it doesn’t matter how long it has been since a jackpot was paid. It’s always wise to play free slots games before you wager for real. That way you can save your bankroll for the best slot games.

Remember: Slot machines are never ‘due’ for a payout – every spin presents a new opportunity for a win!

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