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Classic Slots

What is a Classic Slots Game?

Classic slots games are fashioned off traditional Las Vegas slot machine games. Those jingling-jangling slots at bricks and mortar casinos that first appeared on the scene are known as classic slots. At the time of inception, classic slots featured 3 spinning reels and 1 payline. Since then however, an evolution in classic slots games has taken place. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for classic slots games to feature multiple paylines and even 5 spinning reels. As a newcomer to the online gaming scene, you may wish to consider classic slots as your point of entry. They are quick and easy to play, and there are no complicated rules or strategies required. A classic slots game has a simple pay table structure, with specific combinations of symbols resulting in wins.

Players with a preference for the basics will certainly appreciate classic slot machine games. They are devoid of video graphics, animation, and too many distractions. The focus of a classic slot machine game is on their quick and easy entertainment appeal. They are highly attractive to novice players as well as seasoned veterans of online gaming. As alluded to earlier, there are more detailed classic slots games featuring 5 spinning reels. At times, it is possible to spruce up classic slots with additional features. These include wild or scatter symbols, multipliers and bonus games. However, as a rule, you are unlikely to find the aforementioned elements in traditional classic slots games. As a purist of the slots arena, you will appreciate the appeal of the Liberty Bell Slot invented by Charles Fey in 1895. His iconic slot game won international acclaim at casinos around the world. Not too long after that, Herbert Mills introduced a slot machine game similar to the Liberty Bell. It included plums, lemons and cherries which are part of today’s classic slots.

What Makes a Classic Slots Game so Exciting to Play?

For starters, classic slots are grounded in a simple set of rules. The games are structured in such a way that there are just 3 spinning reels with a limited number of paylines. Since there is less ‘activity’ going on in these games, there are no complicated features, elements or other aspects to side track you. Perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of classic slots games is that it is easier to win jackpots on them than it is with progressive slots games. Since more people chase the mega-money slots, you are competing against a much smaller group of players for the jackpot prize pool. It should be remembered that classic slots come in 3 reel and 5 reel variants. A user-friendly interface, low coin denominations and easy to follow rules make them really exciting for players.

Bear in mind that the look and feel of classic slots games is similar from one game to the next. The differences may be slight, but each game is truly unique in gameplay, winning potential, and entertainment value. While there are typically between 1 and 5 paylines, there is just enough action taking place on the reels to keep you invested. Sometimes, classic slots will offer a base game, but bonus games should not be discounted from the scene. Classic slots go by different names, including fruit slots and pokies, since the majority of symbols on the spinning reels are fruit-themed symbols.

Classic Slots with Bonuses, Fixed Jackpot and Progressive Jackpots

Online casinos are known to invest heavily in their slots games. Classic slots are a unique category with plenty of variety to offer players. A classic 3-reel slot with a fixed jackpot is a popular choice for players. These games are typically played with up to 3 coins per spin and your wins are proportional to the number of coins that you play. It is always advisable to play the maximum number of coins on these fixed jackpot slots games. Games which offer increasing jackpots when an increasing number of coins are played are preferred by many players. It should be remembered though that the odds of winning a jackpot are small, and you should always employ sound bankroll management techniques in your gameplay.

In the days of old, 3-reel slots offering bonus awards were pervasive. Today, these antiquated games are rare. When bonus games and bonus awards are factored into the equation, it is in a player’s best interest to wager more coins to access these bonus rounds. Often, if you play just the minimum number of coins per spin you will miss out on many of the added features in slots games. Perhaps the most alluring of all the classic slots games is the progressive jackpot slot. Players at online casinos around the world routinely seek out progressive jackpot slots for the big winning potential that they offer. You can find any number of classic slots (3-spinning reels or 5-spinning reels) with progressive jackpots. As always with this type of game, it is advisable to play the maximum coins per spin.

What Are the Most Famous Classic Slots Games in the World?

Classic slots are among the most widely played slots games. They are preferred by an older generation of players, and many newbies as well. Popular examples of classic slots games include Red White & Blue, Hotshots, Wheel of Fortune, Double Diamond and Quick Hit. The most popular classic slots are the 3-reel slots, although many players now prefer 5-reel classic slots games.

5 Fun Facts About Classic Slots Games

1. Classic slots games typically feature 3 reels, and 1 payline. It is however not uncommon for these games to feature multiple spinning reels and multiple paylines.

2. The Liberty Bell is considered the first classic slot, although the model developed by Sittman and Pitt (1891/1892) is widely regarded as the first modern classic slot.

3. Classic slots do not feature poorer quality audio-visuals; on the contrary they are high quality games with a retro look and feel.

4. The world’s leading providers of online classic slots games are Microgaming and NetEnt, with games like Break Da Bank, Cash Crazy and Jackpot 6,000.

5. You can play free classic slots at online casinos like Spinit

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